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Best Embedded Performance.^2000

Supports Android.^2000

Query Change Listeners.^2000

Powerful Graph Database.^2000

Easy to use Java ORM.^2000

Scalable Indexing.^2000

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Onyx NoSQL Graph Database Graph Database without the limitations of a relational database.

Onyx Development Tools brings you an open-source database that is simple to use and easy to integrate. With a little Java knowledge you can be modeling your applications' data model in no time.

Onyx has found a way to merge the best of a NoSQL database and a relational database giving you the option to take advantage of a simple Key Value store or an entire graph. It uses a simple Java ORM that was inspired by JPA but excels in its short comings.

High Performance NoSQL

Best in class embedded database.


Supports use on mobile development platforms including Android.

Simple ORM API

Easy Persistence API that also has compound query capability.

Open Source

Community of users and contributors.

Query Listener

Optimize communication by subscribing to query results.

Scalable Indexing

Your index can be as small and efficient or as robust for large data sets. Capable of only finding an a key of 1 trillion in only 18 reads.

Disaster Recovery

Enable write ahead logging and protect yourself from a disaster.

Fuzzy Graph

Change your data model without constraint. Apply towards artificial intelligence.

Begin with the end in mind Make quality applications with a simple NoSQL database.

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Our Solutions One Lightweight NoSQL Database Library

Image depicting an in memory NoSQL database
In-Memory NoSQL

Cache Manager

Easily save and query data from memory using Onyx Database Java libraries. Using Onyx Database is a simple and pure object-oriented experience. Takes advantage of off-heap caching with lightweight indexing.

Embedded NoSQL database card
Embedded NoSQL

Local Storage

Store your data to a memory-mapped local storage device. You can interact with the NoSQL database using Onyx's easy to use lightweight Java ORM. The ORM is included with the core open source module.

Remote Onyx Database server card
Remote NoSQL

Database Server

Securely save data to a remote server instance or in the cloud. When your data gets too large to manage with a singe database instance, you can create a cluster of self-managed, fault-tolerant database instances.

Execute Queries using Onyx Database Browser
Database Browser

Available with Commercial or Browser License

Use Onyx Database Browser to view data and write queries. The browser can let you view your model schema, add new records, and easily build programmatic queries.

Database Throughput
Onyx Database
Insertion Speed
Onyx Database