Remote Server Onyx Remote Database Command Line API Reference

Onyx Remote Database has the ability to be invoked as a runnable jar. There are command line options that are used to configure the database.

Property Option Description
Port -port Override default port number. Default port is 8080. This is the port the Web Services run on as well as the default Persistence Manager.
Web Service Port -web-port * * Only available within Onyx Web Service Database Server. Override default web service port number. The web service port must run on a different port as the main database.
User -user Username, by default this is admin.
Password -password Password, by default this is admin
Location -location The location of the embedded database files. This is a required property. It must specify a valid directory in which the database already exists or the directory you intend the database to be created in.
Instance Name -instance The instance name used to uniquely identify the database instance. This must be unique per running database process. If you do not intend to run multiple instances of the Onyx Database Server, this is not required.
Keystore -keystore SSL/TLS Keystore file path. This is not required unless using SSL/TLS encryption.
Keystore Password -keystore-password Password for the Keystore
Trust Store -trust-store SSL/TLS Trust Store file path. This is not required unless using SSL/TLS encryption.
Trust Store Password -trust-password Password for the Trust Store
Print Help -help Print Help for reference. This is not a runtime property. It is only used to print out the command line options.
  • In order to run Onyx as a runnable Jar you must compile it as a shaded jar using maven. This is required so that the jar file will include dependencies that are used by Onyx and your application.
  • To inherit the command line API properties you will need to extend from the DatabaseServer class.