Onyx Database Persistence Manager Factories

There are different types of Persistence Manager Factories you can use depending on how you manage your data, where you want to store your data, and how long you want to retain it for.

Embedded Persistence Manager Factory
Create an embedded database context and apply it to persist and store data locally.
Embedded persistence manager factory is used to store data and persist it locally.
Cache Manager Factory
Create a caching mechanism to access cached data.
The Cache Manager Factory is used to store in-memory compressed data without persisting it to disk.
Remote Persistence Manager Factory
Create an remote database connection.
Create a remote database connection using the RemotePersistenceManagerFactory as a database driver to access high throughput remote database.
Restful Web Persistence Manager Factory
Access remote database through Restful Web Services
Create a database connection to a Restful Web Service that provides all the same functionality that Onyx Remote Database provides. This is especially useful when integrating Onyx with other languages.