Amazing Features What is Onyx Database?

Onyx Database is easy to learn, intuitive NoSQL database. It can be used as an Object or a Graph database based on your needs. It does not have the overhead of a typical relational database. Onyx Database is scalable and can be used in an in-memory, remote or embedded environment. Onyx Database is more flexible than traditional NoSQL databases and has the ability to process robust queries. It is much more than a basic Key-Value store.

In Memory

Use as a caching in-memory NoSQL database.

Remote Server

Heavy throughput remote database server with same Persistence API.

Embedded NoSQL

Fast, stable, and lightweight, perfect for embedded applications.

Java ORM

Data modeling with simple annotation based ORM.

Query Listeners

Subscribe to query results using Query Change Listeners


Adding a partition is as easy as annotating an attribute within a class.

Off Heap Cache

Uses NIO off heap buffering for less garbage collection.

Platform Independent

Operates on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Restful Web Services

Restful Persistence Manager available with remote server.

Analytics & Streaming

Stream API allows long running queries for Analytics.

Lifecycle Events

Pre-persist, post-persist, insert, update, and delete methods.

Variable Indexing

Control how fast and scalable your index is. Optimize and fit it to your needs.

Relationships vs. Objects

Use Onyx as a Graph or an Object database.

Disaster Recovery

Write ahead logging enabled. Keep a history of all your transactions.

Android Support

Lightweight enough to run on an Android device with Java 1.8.

Open Source

Onyx Database is free to use with GNU AGPL v3.0. licensing.

Fuzzy Graph

Change data models dynamically without running updates.

Lightweight & Efficient Embedded NoSQL Database

Onyx Database is flexible enough to use as a high performance off-heap in-memory data store, embedded persistent store, or heavy throughput remote database. You can use it for small caches or terabyte-sized object graphs.

NoSQL Embedded Performance Compare Onyx, H2, Derby, and HSQL

Onyx Embedded Database maintains its superiority as the fastest Java embedded database and a league of its own as an embedded NoSQL database.

Onyx data model allows for adding new entities, modifying entities, and modifying your object graph on the fly to allow an application to evolve. Take advantage of its lightweight migrations which make it ideal to use in an embedded application in order to reduce or eliminate database management from version to version.

To start using Onyx Database as a flexible database solution all you have to all you have to do is add onyx-database.jar to your classpath libs folder or as a dependency using Maven Central, then create an entity class using Onyx Database Annotations.

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Onyx Remote Server

  • High Throughput
  • Variable Indexing
  • Partitioning
  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Small Footprint
  • Open Source NoSQL
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Onyx Cloud Subscription

  • Free tier
  • No up front cost
  • Guaranteed up time
  • Elastic based on needs
  • Administration and Management
  • Query Analyzer
$256 / yr

Commercial License

  • Cost Efficient
  • Database Browser Included
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Patches
  • Free Upgrade
  • 24/7 Support
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  • Delivery Leadership
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Information Management
  • Analytics
  • Integration Analysis
Screenshot of Onyx Database Browser

Query Builder Onyx Database Browser

Save the time and effort developing and debugging Onyx Database. Onyx empowers you to run analytics, debug queries, execute reusable procedural code, and update data.

Develop and Execute Java Code

Test and debug queries before you implement them. You can execute queries using the same Java syntax you would use to implement.

Reduce Learning Curve

Ignore the setup, configuration, and integration. You can use Onyx Database Browser to learn the basic syntax and test out queries using the user interface.


Use Onyx Database Browser to execute the stream API to execute pre-defined analytics queries or create new ones.

View Entire Object Graph

The Onyx Database Browser enables you to execute a simple query and dig down deep into the NoSQL object graph. It allows you to see a visual representation of the object model in a simple easy-to-read tree structure.

Optimize your Queries

Before implementation, execute and optimize your queries to ensure you have the highest standards of quality. You can use it to pinpoint inefficiencies or improvements.