Schema / Object Graph Updates

As time goes on, your application will change. Onyx Database has useful features for maintaining your data model. It will provide seamless lightweight migration.

When your schema changes, Onyx will retain serialization instruction for the previous version of your com.onyxdevtools.entities. It will use that versioning to map a previous entity to the new format. If that is insufficient, it is possible to write migration scripts to fit your need.

Update an Attribute
Simple attribute alterations to an entity.
Performing simple changes to an entity including adding, deleting, or changing an attribute type are supported in the lightweight migration.
Update an Identifier
Change an identifier type.
Onyx will allow you to change an identifier type. This is not a typical workflow but, it is handled in the lightweight migration.
Relationship Updates
An update to a relationship cardinality via lightweight migration.
Updates to relationship cardinality are supported unless the previous data breaks a new constraint. For instance going from a One to Many to a One to One may cause data to be orphaned.
Index Updates
Add or remove an index
Onyx will detect if an index is added or removed. In the case it was added or the attribute type is changed, Onyx will re-build the index.
Manual Migration
Perform manual data migrations (Heavyweight Migration)
This tutorial will show you how to do a Heavyweight Migration for schema changes that are not covered by lightweight migration.